Digital Value Creation in the B&C Industry

Digital Value Creation in the Building & Construction Industry

When companies transform their business model in our digitally driven society, this impacts the entire organization - from customer acquisition and customer life-time value (CLV) management to the continuous development and marketing of new products and services. Individualized customer centricity plays a central role in digitization processes.

We support companies in the B&C industry in providing an integrated link between the real and virtual worlds. This results in an optimized data and knowledge base to gain a good understanding of the multi-layered ecosystem around direct and indirect customers and their decision criteria. EAC advises on identifying and eliminating weaknesses such as inefficient supply chains, project overruns, labor shortages, suboptimal asset management or low margins. Our methodology for digital business transformation follows a proven "delivery roadmap". Here, we flexibly adapt to each client's needs with the goal of maximizing their value creation. We support your company in designing and executing digital transformation, from pure product to solution provider, from physical to digital player. For further information contact our digitalization expert Pietro Hagemann.
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