"Crisis can also mean opportunity - if the big players in the industry realign their mobility strategy and adapt it to the needs of potential customers, I see great potential in the automotive sector."


Due to declining sales figures in the domestic markets, the Asian growth markets continue to be a major focus for the global automotive industry, especially China as the world's largest market, but also India with over-proportional growth rates. New vehicle concepts for local requirements, such as robust construction combined with a lower purchase price and compliance with emission standards, make it necessary to "refine" the product portfolio or develop new products in these markets.

Stricter emissions regulations and environmental requirements will shape the powertrain of the future: the electrification of vehicles, which will have a lasting impact on the global automotive industry and change traditional material and supplier structures. With more than 50% of global sales, China has already positioned itself as the leading market for electromobility, fuel cells, recycling management and autonomous driving. Currently, established Chinese manufacturers and innovative start-ups dominate the market. In view of this paradigm shift, the leading Western OEMs and suppliers in particular feel compelled to adapt their regional market strategies at short notice. Parallel to the trendsetters of electromobility and autonomous driving, innovative digitalization and mobility services are opening up new business areas with disproportionately high growth compared to new vehicle sales and the spare parts business.

EAC has been active in the global automotive markets and especially in Asia since the mid-1990s. With our market-specific project experience, local resources and an excellent network in industry and politics, we support both automotive manufacturers and suppliers in addressing their dynamic transformation process. From the adaptation of product strategy and local business models to the optimization of the value chain and the development of partner strategies, EAC supports its clients in realizing sustainable business success.