EAC – International Consulting Expands Global Presence with New Office Launch
in New York

"The Central and Eastern European region offers attractive opportunities for the establishment of new production sites and shared service centers due to its cost-effective structures and proximity to key markets".

North America - USA

EAC International Consulting opens its 5th global office in New York, following years of successful operations in Munich, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai. This expansion underscores the firm's dedication to providing specialized, in-depth consulting services tailored to the dynamic needs of businesses, navigating the complexities of the North and South American markets. It amplifies EAC's capabilities in delivering strategic insights on USMCA-related incentives and clean energy initiatives and reinforces its role in guiding companies through the intricacies of establishing and enhancing robust, globally integrated business operations.

For many years, EAC successfully supported its global clients through partners in North and South America. The opening of EAC International Consulting’s New York office underscores the firm’s dedication to providing regional, in-depth consulting services tailored to the dynamic needs of businesses navigating the complexities of these important markets. Roland Bopp, a seasoned executive with extensive experience is managing EAC’s businesses in North and South America.

"Expert in strategy with extensive experience across the automotive, mechanical engineering, industrial goods, infrastructure, renewable energy and telecommunications sectors".

In an insightful articulation of the strategic motivations behind EAC expansion into the Americas in 2023, Dietmar Kusch, the founder and partner of the firm, emphasized that the decision was driven primarily by the evolving needs of their clients and the shifting dynamics of a new, multipolar, world order. Kusch highlighted the extremely favourable business environment in the United States, particularly within the USMCA trade region, as a critical factor that aligns seamlessly with the operational strategies of international companies. He pointed out that federal incentives such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) offer compelling opportunities for growth and are pivotal in creating momentum for EAC’s clientele to flourish. By establishing a significant presence in this region, EAC aims to facilitate the diversification of its client's revenue streams and production sources, effectively minimizing regional dependencies and fostering a more resilient global business model.

The country’s provision of affordable and reliably sourced energy is a key factor for enhancing operational efficiencies and cost-effective investments. The region’s increased focus on renewable energy aligns with companies’ increasing emphasis on sustainability. The establishment of EAC's U.S. office taps into years of expertise offering clients the work of specialized professionals with local market knowledge, global training, and language proficiency in the most important growth markets across the globe.

With Roland Bopp, a seasoned executive with a distinguished track record as the former CEO of Deutsche Telekom Inc. and Mannesmann Corp. in the Americas, alongside Anna Ahlborn, Partner in Germany known for her strategic expertise, at the helm of EAC’s U.S. operations, the consultancy is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the North American market. Their combined experience and leadership are expected to drive EAC's strategic objectives forward, leveraging Bopp's deep understanding of the telecommunications and technology sectors, as well as Ahlborn's insights into European business strategies and operations. This leadership duo brings a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive network of contacts across industries, setting the stage for EAC to enhance its service offerings, expand its client base, and successfully navigate the complexities of the North American business landscape. Their guidance is pivotal in aligning EAC's USMCA market operations with the global standards of excellence and innovation that the consultancy is known for, ensuring that clients receive top-tier, localized support in their ventures within the North American market and beyond.

"EAC supports leading European automotive companies from the manufacturing industry in their strategic positioning and location search in the Eastern European region. We have an excellent local network to various industries, associations and governmental organizations at regional and local level".

Anna Ahlborn, Partner EAC Munich and expert for Russia, Eastern Europe, USA and ROW

"EAC International Consulting's New York office, led by experienced executive Roland Bopp, underscores its dedication to providing tailored consulting services in North and South America. This expansion highlights EAC's commitment to addressing the dynamic needs of businesses in key market areas".