"Global production and knowledge hubs of innovative technologies are often not located in the most densely populated sales markets - appropriate go-to-market strategies and a top-class network of potential partners are therefore essential"


Conrad Bücheleres

Principal EAC Shanghai / MUNICH

Pharma & Healthcare

In contrast to developed economic regions with a relatively high share of healthcare expenditure to GDP (> 10%), growth regions, especially the most populous countries China and India, lag behind with a share of around 5%.

However, such small healthcare expenditure shares are accompanied by much higher growth rates and which in turn can result in great business opportunities. At the same time, local competitors are comparatively small but numerous, often leading to an opaque competitive landscape, which is particularly relevant when strong government support is expected to nurture local champions. A complex regulatory environment and intransparent market structures, which make it difficult to enter the market or to expand or even defend one’s market position, require many companies to increase their strategic and tactical capacities often not available internally. Not taking such countermeasures can lead to an absent or inadequate continued analysis of opportunities and risks. Over the past 25 years, EAC has built a deep understanding of healthcare markets in core growth regions.

EAC customers include leading global providers of medical and diagnostic equipment, consumables and pharmaceutical products. The consulting services of EAC extended to the complete competence spectrum from strategy, M&A and operational excellence.

  • How are healthcare markets developing?
  • How are or should the markets be segmented (price, performance ratio, keyword: mid-market product)?
  • How is the competitive environment developing?
  • Which success factors must be considered and how to master them?
  • Which strategy is promising in the long term?
  • Can time and product advantage be achieved by examining M&A options?
  • What effects can be expected in other markets in short, medium and long-term?
  • How can companies adapt better to global changes in the competitive environment?