"In the context of the digital transformation, the retail industry urgently needs to think about fundamental changes in product offering and supply chain optimization in order to exploit new market potential. Companies often have to work with disruptive strategies in order to remain competitive in the long term"

Consumer Goods

China and India, as two of the largest retail markets worldwide, showcase superlatives in sheer market size and consumption power that challenge Western standards, thus demonstrating substantial investment and business opportunities for international companies.

Today’s consumers, particularly in urban areas, have rapidly evolved into digital natives that require their purchase experience to be seamless and personalized across every channel, whether it is a brick-and mortar store, e-commerce platform or mobile app. Advanced data analytics tools, AR/ VR, drones, cloud platforms and more are widely applied across channels with the result of new digital business models that visibly live the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artifical Intelligence (AI).

International companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital and dynamic market environment need to understand clearly how to harness consumer needs for unique experiences in a mixture of traditional and new retail from online to offline (O-2-O) to incentivize data sharing and feed consumers’ increased personalization and premiumization demand.

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