"The environment in which our customers in Asia operate is characterized by great dynamism. We delve deep into the product and technology portfolios of companies, generating a differentiated understanding of the market and new perspectives."


The development of tailor-made market, product and sales strategies is the focus of our consulting activities. We support multinational corporations and medium-sized companies alike in adapting their growth and innovation strategies.

To this end, we delve very deeply into the initial situation and the product and technology portfolio of our clients - we gain new perspectives and at the same time generate a differentiated understanding of the market. This is the prerequisite for a realistic assessment of market attractiveness and the derivation of a sustainable business model. Adapted product concepts such as "mid market" or "smart products" as well as the careful examination of local sales and distribution models characterize our consulting solutions.

The environment in which our customers in Asia - Europe - America operate is constantly becoming more complex and is characterized by great dynamics. In addition, the challenges are increasing - the playing field in the markets of the future is becoming smaller and smaller. Our approach is based on a fundamentally rather conservative assessment of investment opportunities and risks and a clear shareholder value orientation. Our project and ROI assessments are therefore always realistic - and thus lead to measurable and sustainable success in the Triad Asia - Europe - America.