Electric Vehicle Going Global – Conference in Yibin

Electric Vehicle Going Global
Conference in Yibin

The 2023 World Power Battery Conference is scheduled to be held in Yibin, Sichuan Province, China in June. Before the conference, a series of activities, such as thematic training, high-level dialogue and exchange, etc., are planned to be carried out around the field of NEVs and power batteries.

With the support of “New Energy Vehicle Brand Cluster” and CEATEC (China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation) there was organize an advanced training session on "New Energy Vehicles Going Global - Europe" in Yibin, Sichuan, China from April 27th to 28th. Our partner, Daniel Berger, was invited to attend and give a keynote speech on "Opportunities in European NEV Market And Overseas Strategy for Chinese OEMs".


Daniel Berger summarized the mega trend and development direction of the future mobility and automotive industry via Automotive Disruptive Radar (ADR) and clarified that NEVs will continue to be the mainstream of future automotive industry development. By sorting out the current status of China's NEVs exports and Chinese OEMs going overseas, potential challenges were summarized and a roadmap for the internationalization of China's OEMs has been planned.

Through its analysis of the electrification trend in the European market,
- an outlook on the BEV market in 2030,
- an introduction to the main NEV sales models in Europe, and
- a compilation of the current situation of Chinese OEMs in the European market

Daniel Berger derived the tips for Chinese and multinational OEMs' success in the European NEV market.

Interested in the full presentation? Then write to us: eac-muc@eac-consulting.de