Post COVID19 Recovery in China – Opportunities for European companies to rethink their business model

COVID-19 in China – Business Implications and resulting Needs for Action

Since its first nationwide cases in early December 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has reached out to nations around the world. In China more than 80,000 individuals are infected, worldwide over 160,000 (as of 16th March 2020). The outbreak has effectively paralyzed the entire Chinese economy. Though selective businesses have presumed operations by now, the economic aftermaths are severe. Simply given China’s contribution to the global GDP and cross-industrial importance nowadays, the former IMF deputy managing director Zhu Min estimates an economic loss of around 200 billion USD in the first two months of 2020 already.

In a current EAC teaser we show what short and medium-term influence the current situation has on important industries in China. Based on our many years of consulting experience in China, we outline various fields of action and would like to show you possible recommendations for your business activities in China – because current developments require specific countermeasures in the area of ​​distribution and supply chain:

- Adaption of current business plan (mid-term), stronger and critical review of existing sales channels
- Enforcement of e-commerce business and new digitalization platforms
- Review of the local footprint structure – evaluation of a possible re-location scenario in SEA/India for example

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