Second Home Market Strategy China

Second Home Market China - is your organization empowered for future growth opportunities?

The Chinese market is the major revenue driver for many enterprises. The more exposure foreign firms have in China, the more they understand that this dynamic country requires a unique strategy and market approach. For China to truly become a “second home”, MNCs need to build an organization that is supported by the headquarters and involved in global processes, while at the same time also being agile and empowered enough for quick decision-making and local execution.

In order to get clarity on strategy and transformation needs, EAC developed a matrix-based approach to map and cluster required actions connected with strategic targets. The process connects management view and functional expertise in an approach that is strongly driven by workshops and 1-on-1 exchange facilitated by EAC. We have also developed a comprehensive framework for assessing a company’s organizational maturity and providing 360- degree feedback. Find out more how EAC as a neutral outsider with experiences in both Europe and China can support you by providing a fresh external view based on best-practice insights in our new teaser.
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