Astotec China – Production Capacity Expansion in China

Astotec China - production capacity expansion

EAC International Consulting is proud to have supported ASTOTEC with the screening of initially several countries across Asia and then over 80 development parks inside China for production capacity expansion, considering commercial, technical, trade and local resource conditions.

EAC’s scope included on-site analysis of all short-listed development parks on feasibility for ASTOTEC’s needs, labor force availability, negotiation of investment conditions and incentives, supplier search and screening, and steering of all relevant third parties, among others. We are pleased to have successfully accompanied this project during the past months and wish ASTOTEC a successful realization and good start of production in Changzhou! ASTOTEC with its three business lines is a global player in the automotive market, the mining and explosives sectors, and special pyrotechnic applications beyond automotive safety. ASTOTEC Automotive is a global leader and provider of highly innovative safety solutions for pedestrian and occupant safety with its highly integrated products – from igniters to airbag gas generators, battery separators and more.