China Review 2021 – a Recap of Key Market Developments

China Review 2021 - a Recap of Key Market Developments

After the eventful 2020, who would have expected 2021 to bring even greater changes? This was certainly the case for China, where we have witnessed a flood of new (geo-)political, regulatory and economic developments over the last months.

This year truly marked the arrival of a “new normal” at last. Since an all-encompassing summary is impossible and most likely soon outdated anyway, let us just briefly state our take on the chasm that business in China is currently facing: dynamic growth for most of our clients and a remaining high strategic priority of the Chinese market have resulted in continuous investment and commitment. At the same time, especially foreign companies are often struggling with an increasingly challenging business environment and are getting cautious about international tensions. Last but not least, ongoing COVID-related travel restrictions between China and the rest of the world also do their part to disrupt effective exchange and decision-making.

Just like last year we have prepared a comprehensive review report based on some of our insights from presentations, online events and our consulting practice on the ground.
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