Digitale Transformation


"The right measures in the field of digitization create new business models, transform traditional value chains and shorten innovation cycles. China's ambitious digital offensives at home and abroad are currently increasing the need for action in this area."


Despite increasing relevance in all industrial sectors, the topic of digitization remains an abstract and elusive concept for many companies. In the absence of universal definitions, many companies lack a clear approach to seize digital opportunities and apply groundbreaking technologies in a targeted manner that would ensure sustainable growth.

In the Asian growth markets, digitization is increasingly serving as a catalyst to gain an advantage over established competitors. A young population with a high affinity for technology combined with a risk-averse business mentality ensure that emerging markets are rapidly developing into digital technology centers in various sectors. In particular, e-commerce and mobile payment services have changed consumer behavior in many ways - China is a global leader in these areas. Strongly driven by local technology giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Bytedance, Asia is creating a diverse digital ecosystem that is driving global trends and setting new standards. In addition, policy makers actively support digital innovation and entrepreneurship by providing investment support and a dynamic business environment.

As one of the leading strategy consulting firms for emerging markets, we at EAC have supported some of the world's leading and most renowned companies in defining and implementing their digitization strategy - from the conception of digital business models to the development of holistic e-commerce strategies and the advancement of our clients' digital transformation process. In order to function smoothly, digitization is always based on the homogeneous interaction of organizational, technological and strategic processes.

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Digital Strategy

◘ Assessment of Digital Strategy Maturity
◘ Analysis of Competitiveness
◘ Definition of Digital Strategy
◘ Ideation for new Business Models
◘ Support of Data Strategy & Cloud Adoption
◘ Evaluation of Digital Platform Strategies

Digital Capability

◘ Building of digital Skills & Resources
◘ Definition of digital Capability
◘ Screening of Technology & Start-ups
◘ Evaluation of IoT & AIoT Automation
◘ Location Footprint Intelligence (LI)
◘ Industry Benchmarking

Sales & Marketing

◘ Analysis of Market & Products, including LI
◘ Assessment of e-Commerce Sales, Marketing and Distribution Excellence
◘ Assessment of Business and Operations Model
◘ Proposal of best-fit Partnerships
◘ Optimization of Sustainability & Supply Chain

Digital Transformation

◘ Support of digital Product Innovation
◘ Assessment of Digital Culture & Organization
◘ Assistance in building a lean & agile Operation
◘ Evaluation of Sustainability and Resilience
◘ Quantification of Business Impact


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