CEATEC Visit in the Munich Office

CEATEC Visit in the Munich Office

On June 15, a business delegation from the China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) visited our Munich office. The high-ranking delegation was led by CEATEC's President Yang Shuanchang and representatives from politics and business, especially from the mechanical engineering, aerospace, agribusiness and venture capital sectors.


EAC cooperates with CEATEC to improve economic and technological cooperation between Europe and China and to support foreign companies in their investments in China.

CEATEC reports directly to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. The association supports companies in developing markets and sees itself as a "bridge builder" between China and European countries. The main target groups are Chinese and European companies, government agencies, industrial and commercial institutions, and academic institutions.

At our meeting on June 15, such important topics as the current investment climate, geopolitical developments as well as opportunities for German companies in China, but also for Chinese companies in Europe were discussed.

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