China International Battery Fair 2023

15th China International Battery
Fair (CIBF) 2023

John Deng, our expert and partner, gave a keynote speech on the latest developments in the European battery industry at CIBF2023.
CIBF2023 is the largest battery exhibition in the world today. More than 2,500 domestic and foreign exhibitors were on site, engaging with 180,000 visitors from home and abroad.


In his speech, Mr. Deng highlighted the latest developments: The current growth of the European electric vehicle market is far exceeding expectations and the market potential is huge.

In terms of car brands, Chinese brands are about to launch new models in Europe, such as BYD Seal, Zeekr 001, SAIC RISING (Feifan) F7, etc. Regarding the overseas investment of Chinese battery companies and the current political situation in Europe, he believes that it is a trend for Chinese companies to invest along the entire battery industry chain and build their production base in Europe to better integrate into the global market.

However, this brave step abroad requires thorough planning, consideration, analysis and evaluation, reasonable planning, steady development and "planning before action".

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