Digitalization as the new “Magic Weapon” for the international MICE Industry?

Digitalization as the new “Magic Weapon” for the international MICE Industry?

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, exhibition industry seems to press pause globally. Conservative statistics show that already over 2,400 fairs and exhibitions worldwide have been cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus only as of middle of April 2020. UFI estimated that 88.2 billion USD of total economic output related to the exhibition industry will not be generated by the end of Q2.

Nevertheless, since the outbreak, China has not only undertaken effective measures to fight with the spread of the pandemic, but also shows positive signals to quickly recover from the crisis. Due to limited mobility and regulations regarding social interaction & gatherings, especially innovations that utilize newly developed technical features & advantages and which intend to shape the post-Covid era are emerging in various industries in China.

Despite a series of supporting policies announced by government bodies to support traditional trade fairs, many players also see opportunities to equip digitalization as the “magic weapon” to cope with the on-going struggle but also to thrive the exhibition industry in China.

EAC International Consulting has outlined helpful insights and suggestion for international players with focus on Chinese exhibition industry.
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