E-commerce – a driving Force in China’s Economy

E-Commerce - a driving Force in China's Economy

The adoption of digital business models help companies to get closer to their customers and to make better decisions – creating value through data- and AI-driven decisions. Some guidelines how companies can improve their presence in China.

Companies are using digital technologies and leveraging mobile and cloud solutions to get closer to consumers and to bring all stakeholders together on one digital platform. Fueled by the strong adoption of digital platform business models, e-commerce sales account for almost 22% of worldwide retail sales, with sales in 2021 reaching 4.3 trln EUR and a CAGR of 14.3%. With a uniform distribution between the main retail sub-segments, a growing Chinese e-commerce market provides opportunities for multiple industries and product categories.

A short white paper summarizing key market trends in China will help to answer the most important queries.
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