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Fast-moving markets, disruption and sudden crises require unpredictable decisions. We help our customers to master these challenges in Asia, Europe, America and to successfully implement a short-term change of course, remain competitive and grow in the long term.
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Schnelllebige Märkte, Disruption und plötzliche Krisen erfordern unvorhersehbare Entscheidungen. Wir helfen unseren Kunden, diese Herausforderungen in China, Indien, Südostasien und Osteuropa zu meistern und einen kurzfristigen Kurswechsel erfolgreich umzusetzen, wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben und dabei langfristig zu wachsen.
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What we do and what drives us

In 1992, we were courageous. Courageous to break new ground and conquer new growth markets. With curiosity and growing know-how of the local conditions, our office in Shanghai grew quickly. The local team as well as our horizon of experience. That is why we are among the pioneers in Asia in the field of consulting. Since 2005 we have our own team of experts in Mumbai. In 2023 we opened another office in Kuala Lumpur and New York.

In the last 30 years, our teams have successfully implemented over 2500 projects in over 50 different countries of the Triad,
Asia - Europe - America.

We enable our clients to achieve a healthy and responsible growth with innovative and sustainable approaches. Business models, supply chains, mergers and new concepts need to be planned with a keen sense of social responsibility - not just profit-driven. Strategy consulting requires clear visions, analytical thinking and innovative action. We have mastered all of this - since our founding and to this day.

"Ongoing structural shifts in Asia signify a deliberate departure from an exclusive focus on China, responding to stress testing imperatives. Our consulting services guide clients adeptly through dynamic challenges in volatile markets. This strategic recalibration extends focus not only to the United States, with its robust government investments and enticing subsidy programs in key sectors, but also emphasizes the rising importance of Southeast Asia and India in reshaping global supply chains. While adapting to local competition and recognizing regional value chains growing importance is pivotal, acknowledging the lasting significance of China remains crucial amidst these transformative shifts."

First-hand industry expertise

We dive deep into the initial situation and the product and technology portfolio of our customers - thereby generating a differentiated market understanding for our customers. This enables us to derive sustainable business models in the individual industries.
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„We have many years of industry and project experience in various sectors. Our international professionals have process and industry-specific knowledge of local markets.“

EAC Insights

We regularly bundle our industry experience in publications on selected topics of interest to the market and companies. In this way, we offer tailored solutions that enable companies to survive in disruptive markets. Our goal was and is to create visions that help our customers profit in the competitive environment.
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We are game changers - we turn challenges into opportunities and develop innovative approaches. Our expertise is in demand, which is why EAC experts regularly take the stage as speakers at major industry events.


Nachhaltigkeit ist ein zentrales Thema in der aktuellen und zukünftigen Politik in China und Indien. Eine umweltfreundliche Produktion und die umweltbewußte Modernisierung bestehender Anlagen, eine verbesserte Energieeffizienz sowie eine minimierte CO2-Emissionen sind wichtige Treiber für die Förderung nachhaltiger Technologien. Um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, müssen global agierende Unternehmen ihre Strategie in China und Indien anpassen. Wir unterstützen Ihre lokalen Betriebe dabei, umsetzbare Lösungen in einen Wettbewerbsvorteil zu verwandeln.
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„Nachhaltigkeit ist längst keine Option mehr, sondern ein Imperativ – um langfristig erfolgreich zu bleiben, bedarf es Investitionen in alternative Materialien und innovative Prozesse, die zu skalierbaren und wettbewerbsfähigen Technologien führen und eine nachhaltige Kreislaufwirtschaft ermöglichen.“

Dr. Christoph Schneider

Senior Consultant

What clients say about us

What do our clients appreciate about us? The precise knowledge of local market requirements, a team of excellent and dedicated employees in four EAC offices worldwide and our flair for implementable solutions. All this is the basis for more than 2500 projects that we have successfully implemented in over 50 countries.
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„EAC provided customer-centric strategy advice to strengthen Topsoe’s market position in China. We received fact-based market trends, data-based strategy advice and an implementable action plan from EAC to ensure the best-fit approach for the Chinese market - especially under highly volatile market conditions.“


Christian Andersen

Vice President | Head of Strategy and Market Intelligence
„EAC supported Hansgrohe in the systematic review of over 10 countries for the expansion of our production capacities. The EAC team analyzed precisely and in detail the availability and qualification of labor on site, negotiated investment incentives with state actors in advance, clarified the ownership of land, site conditions and the legal requirements for our planned investment in a new plant. We would like to thank them for their extremely professional support of the project.“


Frank Semling

COO Hansgrohe Group

„My experience with EAC and the team leading our project has been very good. We have experienced a very professional way of collaboration. In each & every step, the project manager had clear objectives to meet the expectations of BASF. We are also happy on the methodology EAC followed and the suggestion of 11 top listed potential partners. Hope one of our focused partners turns into reality. EAC team had shown excellent capability & collaboration. I thank the entire team and look forward to further collaboration.“


Sujan Saha

CEO Coatings Solutions, BASF

„The competitiveness study for robotics and automation in China, carried out in a very cooperative manner with EAC, has provided us with crucial insights at the right time. They truly are "deep insights" because EAC goes to the very core of the issues with great dedication. Thank you for your exceptional flexibility and customer-centricity!“


Patrick Schwarzkopf

Geschäftsführer VDMA Robotik & Automation

    Choosing a career at EAC implies a dynamic development process in an international team of experienced consultants. Depending on your professional background and qualification profile, you enter at different career levels.

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