India Review 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis of Growth and Opportunities

India 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis of Growth and Opportunities

In 2023, India marked significant achievements towards becoming a global superpower, including notable advancements in space exploration, demographic shifts, economic growth, and leadership on the global stage, particularly through a successful G20 presidency. The nation's investment appeal is bolstered by its vast market potential, skilled workforce, and technological innovation, attracting significant investments in sectors like automotive and industrial manufacturing. With economic growth projected at 6.7% for 2023–24 and ambitions to reach developed economy status by 2047, India demonstrates a strong growth trajectory.


EAC has expanded its presence and collaboration within India and globally, supporting both foreign and Indian enterprises, and reinforcing its commitment to fostering business ties. The completion of the 3rd edition of the India Business Review underscores EAC's dedication to providing valuable market insights. As we approach 2024, EAC extends heartfelt thanks to its readers and business partners for their trust and support, wishing everyone health, success, and happiness in the coming year.

To access the India Review Paper 2023, please download it here. For more in-depth conversations, you may connect to EAC India Partner Ketan Jadhav for additional insights and discussions.

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