EAC as Speaker at the „Chinese Used-Car Export Summit 2023“

EAC as Speaker at the "Chinese Used-Car Export Summit 2023“

In June our expert, Addie Wei, Managing Consultant at EAC, was invited to give a keynote speech at the "Chinese Used-Car Export Summit 2023". The event was organized by China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA).


In her presentation, Addie Wei talked about the internationalization strategies of Chinese OEMs and their impact on Chinese used-car exporters. She also focused her attention on the competition and problems of the global used-car export business.

Through her many years of experience, Addie Wei was able to provide a lot of suggestions for used-car exporters from the perspective of Chinese OEMs' internationalization roadmap. She also shed light on the export trend and current export status of the automotive industry and individual OEMs.

She contrasted this with the successful experiences of the used-car export industry in the USA, Japan and South Korea. Exciting insights that were valuable for all participants.

She has one tip for used-car exporters that we don't want to withhold from you here:
They should work closely with Chinese OEMs, especially on pricing and improving cooperation on the overseas after-sales service network.

For more information contact Addie Wei directly.