Karl Godderis

Partner EAC International Consulting, Southeast Asia

Expert in M&A, strategy, post-deal transformation, focusing on Financial Services, Fintech, and strategic growth in the Asia Pacific region.

About Karl Godderis

Partner EAC International Consulting, Southeast Asia

As a Partner at EAC International Consulting, Southeast Asia, Karl is a distinguished leader in M&A, general management, strategy, and post-deal transformation, focusing on the Asia Pacific region. With over 8 years of experience, he has directed transactions in Financial Services, Fintech, Food & Agri, ESG, and Natural Resources. At EAC, Karl emphasizes client success through strategic risk management, transformation, and growth strategies in markets like Indonesia, Australia, and Malaysia. His extensive consultancy background and entrepreneurial venture highlights his commitment to innovation and strategic value. Outside work, Karl, a published author, champions cultural diversity, nature, and endurance sports, showcasing his multifaceted leadership.

With a dual master’s degrees from KU Leuven, in both International Relations and Affairs and Applied Economics with a specialization in International Business Strategy Karl has a deep understanding of global economic framework, strategic business planning, and complexities on international relations.