IHK Network International: Exchange of Experience China

IHK Network International: Exchange of Experience China

China is and remains an important economic partner for Germany. But which strategies are currently the right ones for dealing with the Chinese market? How can companies act successfully in the future and which stumbling blocks should be avoided? Our partner, Uwe Haizmann, gave a keynote speech on this topic entitled "China 2023 and Beyond. In the following discussion he was ready to answer questions and provide insights to the large number of participants.


At the suggestion of member companies, the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) organizes a "China Experience Exchange" as part of its IHK International network.

Uwe Haizmann was invited as a speaker and gave latest insights on the following points:
- China: Domestic, Global and Political
- Market environment: Made in China 2025
- China's global leadership role
- Economic development - GDP estimates in comparison
- Business Climate of the German Chamber - Leave China or Stay?
- De-risking China - looking at the value chain

Afterwards, business challenges, opportunities and approaches related to China were discussed. The event was aimed at entrepreneurs and executives of all industries and company sizes who are interested in the Chinese market or are already active.

Are you interested in the presentation? Then write to us: eac-muc@eac-consulting.de