India Review 2022 – Our recap of key market developments

India Review 2022 - Our annual recap of key market development

While major global economies are staring at a possible recession, India’s economy has exhibited resilience and has grown to emerge as the 5th largest economy.

Post a sharp decline in 2020 and a technical rebound in 2021, the Indian economy is expected to grow at 6.8% in 2022 – which would be faster than most emerging economies.

Indian Review 2022

2022 India has attracted the attention of all major global investors and industries with the following facts:

  • strong economic fundamentals,
  • well balanced trade relations,
  • cost-effective workforce and most importantly
  • an established manufacturing and service ecosystem.

In this year's India Review 2022, titled "India Through the Lens of 2022," we share with you our insights from industry-wide consulting projects and papers, as well as our market perspective.

This will provide you with deep insights into India's rapidly changing economic and business landscape, and help you better understand the implications for your businesses.

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