Photonics21 Partnership Annual Meeting 2024 in Brussels: Photonics Industry Beat Global Trends

Photonics21 Partnership Annual Meeting 2024 in Brussels: Photonics Industry Beat Global Trends

More than 220 high-ranking photonics representatives from industry, science and politics debated the future of light technologies, including technological sovereignty and the global photonics industry at the Photonics21 Partnership Annual Meeting in Brussels on 14 and 15 May. The Annual Meeting is one of the most important events for the European photonics community. EAC International Consulting was invited as a key note speaker.


Daniela Bartscher-Herold, Founder and Partner EAC Munich, gave a presentation about political steering processes in China in core segments of photonics industry. The EAC study, commissioned by Photonics21, analyses how China will develop as an economic powerhouse in global context, what key industrial development plans will steer the Chinese photonics industry and how technology roadmaps may look like.

Key highlights include:

· Market Share – China rapidly gained market share in photonics over the last years – thumb rule: “3x3” – in terms of growth and dedicated photonics projects

· Geopolitics – Intensified global political tension does not affect the position of China being the largest market, but the mandatory rebalancing for photonics players value chain opens up new opportunities in the industry

· Local and regional funding – Compared to EAC’s investigation in 2015, China’s funds for photonics are currently more raised by local governments and regional clusters with a capital scale much larger than national funds

· Chinese policies – Having no dedicated “China Chip Act”, 4 key national plans instead support the development in the photonics industry aiming for solving bottleneck problem and reducing reliance on foreign technology

· Segments – The photonics market in China is market-driven and strongly applied in industries and consumer markets, e.g. displays, lighting, IT, telecom, photovoltaics and production tech (laser), etc.

· Technology roadmap – China will focus their investment on tackling technological bottlenecks along the entire photonics value chain.

Details about the event can be viewed here - Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2024: Photonics industry beat global trends (