Relocation Probability Index – how did Asian Supply Chains change after the pandemic?

Asian supply chains in a post-pandemic world - EAC’s Asia “Relocation Probability Index”

The first EAC “Relocation Probability Index” with a focus on Asia was first published in 2019. The index looked at recent trends and indicators in international trade to analyze which industries are most likely to transform their supply chains and where companies are expected to go. At the time, the US-China trade war was accelerating an ongoing trend – the diversification of supply chains across the globe.

Since then, the world has changed in previously unimaginable ways. Although tariffs between China and the United States remain firmly in place, the trade war faded into the background as a global pandemic disrupted supply chains and devastated economies.

With business starting to normalize, we took a lock back at how supply chains have developed under this influence and what can be expected in the future.
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