China Review 2020 – a Recap of major business developments

China Review 2020 - a recap of major business developments

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. The outbreak of COVID-19 in January led to a pandemic that shattered both lives and businesses in previously unimaginable ways. Our world has been changed.

But while most regions are still struggling with the pandemic and the resulting containment measures, China has already shifted gears into rebound mode. With relatively few new cases, both government and companies have been focused on revitalizing the economy and utilizing the emerging catch-up effects in the second half of this year. We also observed this among our clients. This report provides a summary of selected developments in China’s economic and business landscape that caught our eye and might have an impact on your businesses – now and in the future. Especially in turbulent years like this, it might be useful to look back and take account of the relevant strategic topics that will also stay with us in the coming months. Based on this year's newsletter and our project engagements, EAC has prepared a comprehensive review of major developments in China’s economic and business landscape in 2020. If you are looking for a high-level overview of the key topics and how they impact your business, this 58-page document might proof useful for you.
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